2014 Kenya Mission Trip Newsletter

Posted on Sep 19, 2014

“So in Christ, we who are many form one body, and each member belongs to all the others. We have different gifts, according to the grace given us.” Romans 12: 5-6a

We recently completed a trip to Kenya – eight of us – but the most diverse group yet to go! To say that we had a great time would be an understatement. Meet our group in the blog post below…

Davis, Martin Simiyu, Dr. Scott, working at Karambari Primary School



A very talented dentist, who provided care to hundreds of school children in three different villages. He was ably assisted by his teenage son as they worked very hard to bring healing to so many.

Dr. Fuder 3
Doc Fuder teaching in Tharaka-Nithi for church on Sunday






A wonderfully gifted teacher, “Doc” Fuder, who helped to equip and motivate 40 key leaders throughout Kenya to be intentional in reaching out to others, even in the midst of their extreme poverty and need. “Every trip to Africa, I’m always challenged by the needs that pastors are finding in their communities. They drink in the training, always hungering for more. I feel honored for the opportunity I had to partner with Possibilities Africa.” ~Doc Fuder

Cheri and Merrell


 “I believe that God used the trip to change each of us, and that He can use a mission trip to change you too.”  ~ Cheri

“Not having been there for several years myself, I was amazed at the progress that Possibilities Africa has made! Now we reach over 29 communities in 2 countries, and that is hard to believe!” ~ Merrell

Costa, Angie, and Sylvia

 Our videographer and web-designer, whose passion for this ministry will be reflected in the videos and photos that will help us better tell our story, “Thanks be to God that there was also a spiritual impact on my personal life. The first day we were there, I felt led to ask God to open my heart up to His plan for the mission trip and His plan for my life. It is amazing how God shows up, when we ask and even when we don’t. I remembered who I was created to be…a witness of God’s unfailing love and mercy, and a witness of His greatness and compassion.” ~Angie

Savannah, Susan and the assistant pastor’s wife in Embu

An experienced missionary who has previously traveled to Cuba, India and China to share the good news of the gospel. “We were a team of 8 people of different ages and backgrounds who really did not know one another. Seeing how the Lord knit us together in complete unity to serve His purposes was amazing! Our God gave us the grace that we needed to truly serve the people of Kenya as servants of the Most High God!” ~Susan

Savannah with Children in Tharaka-Nithi





A college student who has already traveled to Haiti, and with this trip gained new perspective on the global scope of God’s work.






Who knows what will happen to these people in the years to come? We urge each of you who love and support the work of the Lord through Possibilities Africa to seriously consider a trip in the future. There will always be warnings and risks as we travel and seek to spread God’s word. But we serve a great God.

The whole mission group and PA staff.