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While growing up Martin and his family members struggled to get the basics of life including food, good shelter, clothing and access to education. They also lacked good churches for their spiritual nourishment. Out this difficult upbringing still God provided an opportunity for Martin and his family members to acquire an education and improve their standard of living, a blessing not common to many who grow up in similar communities.

By God’s grace Martin excelled in his studies in Kenya and God opened a door for him to move from his poor village to the capital city of Nairobi and later to the USA for further studies. Martin’s passion to serve his people led to a mission trip organized by Moody Graduate School where Martin brought a team of students and staff to ministry to his country including his village. It was during the mission trip that Martin shared his deepest desire to see Africans take responsibility of transforming their own communities. With the encouragement and involvement of the mission team possibilities Africa was born as a not-for-profit 501 (c) 3 organization and registered in the state of Illinois, USA to help bring to fruition Martin’s vision.

Martin holds a BA in Theology from Kenya and two masters’ degrees from Moody Graduate School and Biola University. He lives in Kenya from where he is leading efforts to grow this ministry which already has had great impact to many families, churches and communities in Kenya. Martin’s vision is to see holistic and cultural transformation founded in the truth of God’s word take place across the rural communities of Africa. His prayer is that others like him, blessed of God with many talents and treasures will invest their time to make a difference in Africa.