PA Staff July 2014

The ministry of PA is led by committed Christian leaders who believe God has called them to use their talents, time and treasures to make a difference in God’s world. They are inspired by the words of one leader who said that the glory of God is more important than our selfish desires.

PA (Kenya) staff:

  • Martin Simiyu – Ministry Director
  • Costa Kalanda – Program Manager, Ministry Support Services
  • Esau Busiega – Business Support Officer
  • Grey Makhole – Ministry Implementation Coordinator, Malawi
  • Gideon Achieng’ – Director for Training and Ministry Implementation
  • Albert Simiyu – Director of Business and Finance
  • Gilbert Sang – Ministry Implementation Coordinator, Kenya

The PA board:

  • Merrell McIlwain – President
  • Doug Shada – Chairman
  • Jerry Safranek – Vice President
  • Logan Watley – Treasurer
  • Dan Frese – Board Member
  • Tyson Griffin – Board Member
  • Matthew Jacobson – Board Member
  • Matt Shada – Board Member
  • David Watson – Board Member
  • Martin Simiyu – Founder & Ministry Director

PA does its work through our community partners who are pastors recruited from the various communities where we work. In each community the group of pastors is formed into a community based group and has a duly established committee that coordinates the implementation of our ministry in close contact with the PA staff. PA also works with a lot of volunteers who support our work.

It is the policy of PA to keep a lean administrative staff so as to ensure most of our resources are disbursed to the communities.