PA Holistic Programs

Possibilities Africa was established to work with people in the rural communities of Africa to inspire and empower them to create a holistic vision for transformation. The late Dr. Tokumboh Adeyemo, General Editor of the African Bible Commentary, has written that a change in the mind will affect both belief and the behavior of a man, will result in a radical change from darkness to light, degradation to dignity, poverty to prosperity, defeat to victory, backwardness to progress, fear to faith, sin to salvation, sickness to health, despair to hope, weakness to strength, rags to riches, oppression to liberation and wickedness to righteousness. 

Such a total turnaround that helps people achieve spiritual, social and economic transformation is the underlying transformational agenda which PA is focused to achieve in Kenya and the rest of Africa. The holistic effect is achieved through mobilizing rural pastors, their churches and communities to undertake a combination of programs that together bring about a holistic impact on the community.

Practically, PA executes the holistic ministry by recruiting and equipping holistic (“shalom”) partners to undertake 5 core programs that we hope will bring about addressing the cultural, spiritual, social and economic challenges facing their communities, countries and continent of Africa.

These core programs are:

Leadership Development

Our core strategy is to recruit and equip pastors (spiritual leaders) to understand, embrace and undertake holistic ministry in their communities. The church and pastors are mandated to be salt and light in any community and PA seeks to work through them to bring the whole gospel to the whole person. The pastors are equipped to be holistic or “shalom” partners, implementing holistic ministry in their communities.

Encouraging Church Growth

As a result of equipping the holistic partners PA hopes and expects them to lead their churches to numerical and spiritual growth with a resulting impact of community evangelism and service.

Mentoring the Next Generation

The task of mentoring children and youth is an important one for any community. PA is passionate about this because we understand that this will lead to a true transformation of any community within a generation. Our goal is to support rural churches to undertake holistic mentorship of children through Children Education, Discipleship, and Entrepreneurship Program (CEDEP).

Promoting Economic Productivity

PA will work with the equipped partners to promote economic productivity by developing local sources of capital and encouraging creation of local income generating activities. This is in effort to alleviate perennial poverty and reduce on a handouts mentality.

Advocacy and Service

The plight of most rural communities in Africa is largely a result of poor policies and practices by government institutions and other stakeholders. Non government intervention without right policies ends up frustrating good initiatives and intentions. PA will not involve itself in direct advocacy but will develop a program to equip the partners to advance good policies and practices in their own communities. Such program will have to be rooted in good Christian theology and faith and not undertaken in similar fashion as do civil societies. Additionally and in effort to create more support for pastors and churches in rural communities PA will create a program to mobilize Kenyan and African Christians to invest their talents, time and treasures in the service of their people.