Christ-centered ministry championing holistic transformation throughout rural communities in Africa.

Posted on May 27, 2016

The Mission: Possibilities Africa is a Christ-centered ministry championing holistic transformation throughout rural communities, in Africa.

Strategic Impact areas to accomplish the “Mission:”

1. Spiritual Leadership and Mentoring of adults and young people in each village. This involves the equipping and training of pastors and leadership in each village. It includes setting before them a plan for spiritual, educational and social life change according to God’s Word for their villages.

2. Children’s Mentorship & Education is equipping and training pastors, their youth and children’s workers with the life-changing principles found in God’s word. The pastor/leaders then take this training back to their villages and start Sunday School classes, Vacation Bible School programs, early childhood education centers and in some cases, elementary schools, as well as other ministries to reach children.

3. Economic Empowerment is providing training and funds to pastors and their members, who then undertake micro-financing to support their micro-businesses and to meet other personal needs. This is done to promote personal productivity instead of the handouts mentality. This is a revolving fund within the community groups.

We, as Christ-followers, have been given the commission to make a Kingdom difference for His glory throughout the world. One of the most effective ways we can do this is through strategic partner-ships with national christian leaders of integrity. These men and women understand the culture and know the language of the people we are called to reach. Working alongside them, we can help provide the prayer support and resources for them to accom-plish the mission the Lord has set before them. It is not only how we can be most effective, but a great privilege and honor. We are currently in over 30 villages in Kenya and Malawi working with pastor/leaders to bring about “holistic transformation” to Africa. Many businesses have been started with the Economic Empower-ment/Micro Financing PA is providing. We are excited that the funds that have been loaned are often paid back and reinvested in this ministry, helping to start other businesses in these villages.

Would you consider?

1. Being a prayer partner with PA, helping to make a kingdom difference in Africa?
2. Being a part of our financial team, providing the finances to help carry out the above mission?
3. Joining us on a trip to see firsthand the PA ministry in Africa and the transformational difference it is making both in the individuals’ lives and the villages as a whole?
4. Praying about helping us start new works in other African countries? It takes approximately $10,000 US dollars for the start-up of a new PA work in another African country.