Kitui – A Long Journey to a New County

Posted on Sep 12, 2014

This July PA took a step of faith to engage its 14th Kenyan community after months of thinking and praying. Kitui County is located 175km east of Nairobi. The area is widely known in Kenya as the home for witchcraft, water shortage and perennial food scarcity. The county is largely underdeveloped and underserved by most services.

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The journey to this community started many years ago when in 2006 I met a young man Mathew Wambua who was a day work at my church. I noticed his hard work ethic, good naturedness and ambition to grow and that made him hire him as a caretaker for the PA offices. Wambua was an amazing employee with so much potential. This is the reason why in 2012 we encouraged him to return to his village in Kitui County to go and try a hand on business. As his colleagues at PA we contributed Ksh40000/= for Wambua to start a Kiosk in his village to cater for the needs of those in the vicinity. After his village kioski stabilized Wambua invested part of the profits to buy a plot of lant where he eventually put up a home and planted a garden. He also bought some oxen to assist with the work on his farm.

Since then a number of us at PA have made the 175km regularly to visit and encourage Wambua. It is during these visits that our eyes have been opened to the needs of this community. We recently decided to identify good church leaders in the area with whom we can begin to engage. Little did we know that Wambua was praying for this opportunity. In his words Wambua says that, “I always wondered that PA went to various communities to teach using the white boards and markers, I began to pray that one day PA could come and teach people in my village like they do in other communities”. Through Wambua we met his pastor who met the criteria of someone who can partner with PA.

In the past 3 months PA team has visited with Pastor Jeremiah to introduce PA work to him. He recently attended training in Nairobi where we were training other leaders on how PA works. Further to that pastor Jeremiah mobilized a group of pastors under his care and PA met with them recently to map out a strategy of working in their county

The Kitui pastors have a reach of 150km radius with the furthest pastors coming from the border between Kitui and the Tsavo national park. Given that the churches are very wide spread and the nature of their challenges are so well defined, further engagement with the pastors to raise leaders and set an agenda under which the implementation of the holistic transformation agenda will be made possible. But this journey which began by seeing potential in one young man, investing in him has now let us to invest in a community. We are convinced that the God who gave Wambua a chance to improve his livelihood will do much more in Wambua’s community.

For with God all things are possible!